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RHF | Kai Haase | Pic: Björn Mager

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Metal Hammer Awards 2013

Metal Hammer Awards 2013 | by: Björn Mager

Metal Hammer Awards 2013 | Kesselhaus Berlin | Gallery  


Björn Mager | Mankind Action Frame Promo from Mankind Bike Company on Vimeo.

I’ve been team mates and good friends with Bommel now for about 6 years and over that time we have spent countless hours together, travelling to contests, filming, and hanging out in bars and clubs all over Europe.  

Fisheye Swaffel

Bommel | Fisheye Swaffel from Bommel on Vimeo.

Hier ein paar Aufnahmen von mir, welche im RadQuartier und in der Skatehalle Berlin anstanden sind! Danke an Daniel J. und Rob S. das sie mein Fisheye geswaffelt haben.  

Leon Binckebanck´s Power Hour

Leon Binckebanck Power Hour from Zwanzig Zoll BMX Magazin on Vimeo.

Leon Binckebanck is a Mellowpark local which has no problems with crashes. We’re not sure if he feels no pain but we are convinced that he has the mood for action!  

Marcus Wallborn

Marcus Wallborn

Hier ist eine kleine Galleri von Marcus Wallborn.  


Bommel 1min. F.T.L from Bommel on Vimeo.

Little after work session at Mellowpark Ping Pong hall. 1min. for the Lads!!  

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